Tapabrata Chakraborty

  Mentalism is the art of bending the mind. An exercise of creating an illusion in a parallel world. Tapabrata Chakraborty, mentalist par excellence of the India’s Got Talent fame, explains the working of the human mind and his journey till date.

Deboprasad Haldar

The very talented actor in conversation with the world on a very windy day amidst the vast expanse of the Maidan. This is our fifth video. Hope you all like it.  

When Daily Mirage meets An Idea

An informal discussion between Shazeb Alam of An Idea, Kolkata’s leading start-up platform and Devraj Lahiri of Daily Mirage, A multi-activity blog site, also from Kolkata, on the future of the start-up eco- system in India and Kolkata. An informative one on one, this will surely give all of you an insight on how to…

Shahzeb Alam

Entrepreneur, Tech innovator, Idealist…Shahzeb Alam wears many hats. He is the founder of An Idea cafe, Kolkata’s first start up cafe and an incredible platform for start-ups in the city. This is our second video for Daily Mirage and hope you all will like it.  

Urvashi Kapoor Verma

Landscape designer, Astrologer, Entrepreneur, super mother ……winner. The quintessential woman and an epitome of grace. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you Urvashi Kapoor Verma. This is the first feature from Daily Mirage. Hope you all like it.