The story of a Mother …


Motherhood …the most special bond that extends beyond eternity and defines the existence of a being..A mother bears the brunt of nurturing her child in her womb , she gives life to a child, protects and showers love , devotes her entire life to the child . If there is one thing on earth that is worth our existence , it is indeed a mother . There are many who are not privileged to have one or don’t realise the importance of having one . My story today revolves around one such mother .

I was the youngest daughter of my family amongst my three siblings and have enjoyed a lot of adulation and pampering from my mother whose favourite was I . I loved arts and music and dancing was my passion  , I wanted to be famous but destiny had it’s own say . My father was suffering from high diabetics that rendered him paralysed and alike every Indian parent, they wanted their daughter to settle in life and get married . With much pomp and splendour my marriage was sodomized and my new life started . Yes I had a failed marriage as my husband never really understood my feelings and standpoint but as an obedient Indian girl I stuck to my failed marriage.

I still remember the day when I holded you in my arms my daughter , the most special feeling , I ever witnessed. Those little hands and sparkling eyes staring at me brought tears in my eyes . Your growing years , you calling me Ma, your small tantrums while eating food , your first day at school , our trips to different places , I remember them all . Amidst the joy of your growing up ventures, my relationship with my husband , your father went to an all time low . I was dragging myself to pretend that I am happy in my small world with you but the day came when I couldn’t take it any further . Yes I left you , I didn’t have a choice , I know people call me a misfit mother and by many names they can . Believe me my child, I was helpless , I had to live . I know you hated me the very day I left home but there are situations in life when a mother becomes helpless too . Beneath my image of a loving mother, I am a woman who had the last resort to find happiness by leaving all happiness behind . One day , you will realise my child, one day your anger will melt, one day you will call me and utter those loving words ..Ma. despite everything , I still love you . Yes I will wait for that day , yes I will wait for you to share your happiness of achieving your dreams , yes I am a mother and my child’s success is my priority.

A lot of people might feel that the life of a mother revolves around sacrifices for her child , that’s not wrong but one must not forget that a mother is also a human and she has the right to oppose the wrong and live her life like one . Let’s not enforce society norms and let everyone live .




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