Rare Planet


In this era of urbanisation amidst enormous developments , we humans have become very mechanical in our tryst for money and fame .With money and fame comes the pressure to excel in what we do that eventually leads to depression and can even make one suicidal . There are thousands of young ones who succumb to this and meet their doomsday but very few come out victorious . Our protagonist for today’s write-up is one such hero who created an example by  finding a successful stint with a startup and rose to zenith with it post his breakup with his girlfriend.

 A young , innocent and energetic 19 year old boy, Ranodeep Saha,hailing from a business family from North Kolkata and  perusing Btech Degree in Computer Science from West Bengal University of Technology runs his e-commerce start up ,”Rare Planet”.Ranodeep is also a  Regional Ambassador Lead for Mozilla from South East Asia and  interns at The Telegraph.

You must be wondering what is so “Rare” about this story and his venture Rare Planet. Well this is how he defines  “This is my startup initiative which happened accidentally after I had a break up with my girl friend”. He remembers his chirpy little girl with a wide smile on his face whom he had loved whole heartedly.Alike every other teenager Rano as he is fondly called could have shunned himself behind the walls and suffered depression post breakup but our hero chose to gather strength and found Rare planet by hand painting an earthen cup lying unused for several years.With colors and paint brush he brought it back to life by depicting a Harry potter symbol which used to be his girlfriend’s  favorite super hero.That was the start of his never ending journey into the world of e-commerce .Rano started making use of old bottles,earthen glasses , coffee mugs and gave them a new look .Within few days his living room was full of his creations starting from Western Cartoon characters ,unique minions , Harry potter , Avengers to even the Bollywood bad guys like Gabbar singh – he depicted these in terracotta cups.His products got picked up by The Celebrity store at City Center in Kolkata which too used to be his girl friend’s favorite store.

Ranodeep Says “People usually associate Negativity with  a disheartened break up but I began to make things which my girl friend was fond of.”, that’s his mantra to avoid post breakup syndrome .With this determination in mind and his near and dear one’s support , he launched the official website of Rare Planet www.rareplanet.in . Today rare planet gets 20000 visitors customer base  in a span of 9 months.Rare Planet not only sells online but also sells offline. Rare Planet products are found in a lot of gift stores in all across country. Rare Planet made its debut in International market with its products in Singapore and aims at capturing the world .Ranodeep’s next big plan is to open up a “Rare Planet ” store in Delhi T3 airport and so in all other major Airports all across the world and make a way for Indian Handicrafts in Global Market.Not just pure business , Rare Planet has ventured into social domains and helps to NGO’s to educate underprivileged kids and the  LGBT community .

Ranodeep’s story is an inspiration for many teens who loose hope and end life in a hurry .Life is precious , live it to earn happiness.


Arpita Deb

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