Soul Search ….


We humans loiter here ,there and everywhere in search of peace and happiness forgetting that it’s well within us . Amidst the crowd of unknown faces and thoughts , we spend our entire life searching for that moment of serenity , a tryst with our soul .

The pristine blue sea beckons us to discover the reality we all run away from. You can go to the farthest corner of the universe , put on a mask to hide in the crowd but you can never hide from your inner self , your soul .

Success is momentary , money and power stop gaps, what remains at the end of the day is your ability to connect with your self .Yes God cannot be everywhere and you cannot attain salvation through prayers but to be what you are , to find the humane in your human , search from within You . The moment you realize this, your worth will be worthy of your existence .

Photo Courtesy: Vishal Kumar Sharma


Arpita Deb



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