Ad Bin …..The path to Cleanliness …


Cleanliness is next to Godliness .Our heroes for today’s story Joy and Ankit have taken this adage seriously to make it an integral part of their lives .Joy Pansari, an Automobile Engineer and Ankit Agarwal , a Chartered Accountant could have joined the mad race for money and fame but they chose to be different . This duo joined hands to make the uphill task of cleaning the city by their unique concept of installing Ad Bins.

Inspired by the Clean India Campaign and their zeal to make a change, these young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of installing free dustbins with advertisement hoardings in apartment complexes across Kolkata. This unique initiative  succeeded in creating an innovative revenue generating business model. ‘ADBINS’ as they named it. It  aims at  providing an eco-friendly and economical advertising proposition for clients .

Green Clean Media Works has a total of sixty-five installations across different complexes in Kolkata inscribed with advertisements of banks, hotel chains, film production houses, fashion stores and online learning portals among others.


In today’s world of fancy and splendour , visual impacts make a difference . As they say , ” Jo Dikhta hai , wahi bikhta hai ” , meaning packaging is important to create an impact .This lone concept of packaging dustbins with colors and advertisements is a visual treat that can attract people to throw waste , thereby serving the purpose of cleaning . Who could have imagined that a dustbin can be so fancy to look at , well the brain child of Joy and Ankit have made this possible.

Their tryst to clean the city doesn’t end with adbins , these two young talents have plans to attract the youth to join hands in their drive next by providing WiFi enabled Adbins in parks, entertainment arenas, railway stations, metro stations, schools and colleges to attract and spread mass awareness through access of free WiFi by using “Adbins” to throw the trash.

Their vision is to help create socially responsible businesses and promote forms of green advertising across India by bridging the gap between social and economic objectives. For a 20 something young individual, this is indeed a great thought . India needs such individuals who can bring a change . It was a great experience that dailymirage had meeting this two ever smiling young hearts with a determination to bring a change in the outlook of individuals and be a torchbearer in the path of progress. 




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