True Colour ….

IMG-20160303-WA0026Amongst a pile of cover, I am trying to find my colour . Who am I ? A girl who pretends to be happy , a girl who is searching her identity , a girl who hides her real face from the world . Am I a mirage on the dusty desert or a face yearning for love and appreciation.

Having lived my life all these years , have I ever lived my life the way I wanted to . I have always worn various shades to please others , sometimes as an obedient child , a student trying hard to fulfill my parent’s dream to become successful, a dotting mother taking care of my kids , a silent wife following the orders of my husband or lover , a faithful friend , a hardworking employee acting on orders of my boss . In every stage of life , I have only changed my shade but never highlighted my face.

Yes I need to breathe , Yes I need my space , Yes I need my true colour, Yes I want to come out of this shackle of false pretensions and be Me . I want to show my face hidden from the world and reflect the real COLOUR.

Picture Courtsey: Vishal Kumar Sharma

Adapted by Arpita Deb


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