Event or Scam….In the name of Salman….

Hello people , I am back after a lull and this time the incident that arouse me from my slumber is the so called scams that happen in the name of celebrity events .
On the 8th of March , when the world was celebrating Woman’s Day , I happen to visit an event  which never took place and was a real media industry scam, first time experience on such a large scale.
Since we are in Mumbai we are invited to many events or informed about them, so when the oppurtunity came up for a meet and greet with Salman khan from a very genuine source,we decided to go for it as was a chance to meet someone who was a teenage yrs friend who i lost touch with as moved abroad, he becoming a celebrity after that, we were even supplied the free passes on which it stated promo launch of Sultan, with his face and the timings 12 to 2 pm with gates closing at 12.15. We reached there at 1 pm, anxious we will be missing the event. We  got into a palladium where the security convinced us it was Salman’s event. From a distant we saw a massive and elaborate set up for am Inglot event with three live stages, with a band, totally confused .
Since we reached a little late we got confused as there was no sign of any celebrity in the event as informed . With a face totally confused ,we ran to the next mall where the staff  told us that this is a scam event, that 500 to 600 people already came to him since morning, yes there was a event with Sonakshi Sinha, no Salman khan, confused we ran out and contact the one who supplied us the passes, he said he is going to pick us from a point. The man takes us to  a crowd where all these girls, who looked like a mass crowd of women mostly from  the middle class and not too literate, they took the passes from us, made us register our names, but we felt really uncomfortable as we have never been through something like this, and are  mostly treated really well.
We saw some of the crowd surrounding the organisers in a while and screaming Salman on top of their voices and saw them all running towards the inglot event and everyone was made to queue up in huge lines and made to stand in front of the inglot event, we had given up by then and decided to get mcdonalds by then so we sat in and watched the girls all being sent in and made to stand in the event area. Salman was supposed to appear at 2, the girls all stood patiently in the heat, we ate, shopped, it turned 5 no sign of Salman as we came out of the mall, the crowd still waiting, in the meanwhile the band was singing since 4 hrs, there were the Inglot people on stage, all whites, got really mad and when I went to speak to one of the event people about the rubbish that was taking place in front of our eyes, asked him if Salman was coming at all, he told me he had no clue, but Sonakshi would be coming, made me realise three things in that moment, did Salman Khan even know what was going on in his name, such a huge scam with such a large event, all in the name of his upcoming movie Sultan, which is still to be released months away, a poor illiterate women brought in with the hope of seeing and meeting their favourite superstar on Womens day, fooled and made to wait hours and hours, is this how poor women in India should be treated as if they dont matter at all like cattle, finally the Inglot people specially the whites made a fool of too, as they thought there was nothing spared or cost, for such a elaborate event, and so much crowd brought in for promoting their product, little did they know the real reason all those people were there, so getting really mad i told him i am going to the press. The reply was do what you want. That is how the attitude towards fooling people on such a large scale is….
Agitated and sad , yes we were , hence thought of sharing this with you all. Hope we see less of such fraud in the coming future.

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