Tales of Beauty……Magic Pack


“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the thought that she is beautiful”.

Every woman wants to look beautiful and would go to any limit to look beautiful. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, renowned for being the most beautiful woman used to bath with fresh goat milk to make her skin beautiful and radiant. One trend that bonds every generation of woman is their urge to look beautiful. In their tryst to retain and enhance their beauty, women end up spending a ton. From Cleansing, toning, moisturizing to chemical peeling , Botox and more advanced beauty enhancement surgeries, vampire facials, venom injections, we women spend a fortune to look good.

The pain that women endure to look beautiful is unthinkable. A few bizarre beauty hacks I I got to know during my research on this article , flabbergasted me.

Thai face-slap massage:

As the name suggests, this treatment literally involves a beauty therapist slapping around the face of the client to improve circulation and bring out a healthy flush, apparently to get rid of wrinkles, shrink pores and tighten the skin.

Arsenic diet pills:

This practice was used in the 19th century by woman wherein drugs and potions containing lethal ingredients such as arsenic and strychnine were given to dieters for weight loss.

Bottom punching :

Another beauty treatment that involves a bit of brutality is bum punching and breast slapping is used to shift excess fat from one area to another. Used in Thailand, for ‘measurably bigger’ breasts and bumps, the outcome of the pinches results in a couple of extra inches .

Unsanitary wigs:

This was a very common method used by Women in the Victorian era who wanted big and complicated hairstyles, which were best achieved by wearing a wig. These hairpieces were difficult to construct on a daily basis, so wooden frames, dusted with white powder and animal fat were used to style the hair.

Fire Treatment

This procedure was used in China to reduce wrinkles and stimulate the skin. As part of the practice known as Huo Liao, an alcohol-soaked towel and special ‘elixir’ is placed over the problem area, such as the face, legs, or back, and then lit on fire. After a few seconds, it is quickly extinguished before the heat becomes unbearable. Experts believe it helps with dry skin and can even cure the common cold.

Skin Whitening

Looking fair is a craze  especially in countries  like India, Thailand and China where the majority of cosmetic products claim to achieve a whiter complexion. Some creams have reportedly contained the EU-banned substance hydroquinone and mercury levels between 9,000 and 65,000 times the recommended dose.


Here Carbon dioxide is injected into the skin using a fine needle, which then diffuses into the surrounding tissue causing blood vessels to dilate. This invisible, odourless gas has been known to stimulate circulation and can lead to firmer, younger looking skin.

We Indians have been been pioneers in natural beauty enhancing treatments with herbs and natural ingredients that enhances our outlook without causing any side effect. One such wonder that promises to change your outlook is the Magic Pack, developed under the supervision of Urvasshi Kapoor, she is an epitome of beauty herself. Her beauty regime is one secret that she wants to share with you all. Magic Pack is a natural clay mixed with herbs and nature’s best ingredients that Urvasshi has come up with. Its a 100% natural mineral pack that can be used daily for deep cleansing for all skin types. Urvasshi is a beautiful woman and her desire to make every woman feel beautiful makes her special. Its high time we woman realize that beauty is not subject to looking good externally, a healthy body, a beautiful mind and a pure soul is what makes one beautiful. The day we strive towards achieving this, we will feel beautiful from within and this is what makes Urvasshi beautiful.



For any enquiries, please email : urvasshi_verma@yahoo.co.in.

Stay beautiful all you lovely ladies

Urvasshi Kapoor

Formulated by Arpita for Dailymirage






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