Freedom To Be…

There is a lot of hype off late on Freedom. From Kanhaiya to Keneddy , all stress on Freedom . In a country dominated by a patriarchal society where woman have been opressed and subdued a lot , I as a woman , am trying to understand what really Freedom is

Woman’s Day , a fashion fad worldwide is celebrated every year in this part of the month. People boast a lot on woman liberation, write poems , update status on Facebook . Adverts on retail discounts for woman’s day occupy every corner of the net and media . Restaurants , spas , beauty clinics and even hospitals join this mad race of celebrating womanhood for a day but are we really free .


Vishal bhai , a dear friend can brother  of mine shared this lovely portrayal of a woman with me the other day . The different reactions I received on this picture is my inspiration for the pictale today .

A beautiful, modern , independent woman of today she is . She wants to live life on her own terms . Be what she is , wear what she wants , eat what she feels , speak her heart out but is she allowed to do so ……. Unfortunately NO….. We are a society of hypocrites where a definition of a modern woman is one who earns money for you but doesn’t have the freedom to live life on her own terms . She can be an actor , model , engineer, doctor and entrepreneur but she is answerable to a man .And when a woman strives to make her identity in this world , everytime she has to make a sacrifice .

A woman wants equality . A woman wants the freedom to choose her life . A woman wants to walk freely on the road without any anxious stares and comments . A woman wants to make love , fall in love and be in love with the person she desires . A woman wants to be treated as a human . A woman doesn’t need special treatment or advances to prove she is week . A woman wants to speak what she wants . A woman wants to choose whom she like . A woman wants to be who she is . Spare a thought and let her be what she is . Don’t poke your nose into her world . Let her breathe . Let her Live .

Photo Courtesy : Vishal Kumar Sharma , available  on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.





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