Vishal’s World

Daily mirage is elated to welcome Vishal Kumar Sharma to our family. Vishal Bhai as we fondly call him is a Photographer par excellence . He has shared his experience with National Geographic and currently spreads his magic with Vishal’s Photography , the studio he owns in Hyderabad.


Hello folks , welcome to my world of passion and desire , of beauty and life , of shades and photos …Alike every teenager , I dreamt of being big one day , making my mark in this big world .Born in a business family my passion for dance and photography separated me from the rest. I started my career as a dancer and have been lucky to perform with  top international dancers and shows. I was happy in my own world of dance and choreography but my passion for pictures and shades instigated me to pick up photography.

My tryst with photography started with National Geography where I was involved in a wild life photography venture in South Africa. My inspiration and the person behind my passion is Ranjit Sinha. A visit to Hyderabad and a meeting with my Guru Ranjit Sinha changed my world and transformed me into a lover of shades that I am today .I owe my success to Ranjit Sinha and will be indebted forever.

My love for pictures has taken me to various places and newer avenues .From music to food , models to festivals, matrimonial bonds to nature , I click every visible entity . My aspirations are unlimited and dreams many .Be ready to be a part of my pictorial journey through Dailymirage. Looking forward to spread colours and share with you all.

Keep smiling and pose.





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