Separated….But Alive


Mom , I wish you were here today , I am appearing for my first big exam in life , My 10th Board exams , Dad called me up to wish me luck. He said he is busy to visit me. My eyes were searching for you, your warm hug , our little gossips after school, discussions on shopping and happenings in school, I miss that Mom. I know I have matured a lot, I can wash my clothes, I don’t stack them up anymore, I keep the house clean, I eat food on time, I even drink milk now….I don’t cry anymore. I am grown up now. I know I had to , the day you left me and my little brother alone to live with that man you love, my life changed since then. From a little girl to a motherly sister for my 2 year old brother, I switched my role. Overnight I grew up, yes I grew up in a day . This is perhaps the story of every child who undergoes a massive change in their life and faces the trauma when parents resort to infidelity and opt for separation. For 14 year old Sakshi, whose life was all about Mom, Dad, Brother, School , friends, tuitions, talks with Mom, Studies with Dad and playing with her sibling Rehan, her world was completely shattered the day her Mom stepped out of the matrimony to live with her lover. The entire family was devastated and shattered , her dad shifted to a different city with her brother and Sakshi was left alone to manage things in a rented house close to her maternal granny’s house. The dreams that this little girl had, went haywire but she was mature, mature enough to bypass the trauma and live .

Sakshi is not alone, there are thousands of such children who suffer daily owing to their parents choice of infidelity outside matrimony. Sakshi’s mother was a home maker, she loved her children and was happy within her little world. Falling in love is not wrong but leaving your near and dear one’s for your vested interest is. In this age of fast revolution where everything is delivered at a single click, love too has become self centered. Parents these days live life on their own terms leaving their responsibilities behind. Yes life is fast and so is love but relationships are not so demeaning that it can be broken at a single click.

Parent’s separate for innumerable reasons but the person who suffers the most for this mutual decision is the child. Every child is precious to their parents and as we grow up , the most important person that we rely on ,is our mother. Being a girl , I can very well relate to Sakshi. Those growing up years when you have physical and physiological changes, pimple outburst, period pangs, that cute boy in class you love, who do we share all our feelings with …. Obviously our mother. Every pain , every worry, every moment we face , we share it with our mother… A girl’s best friend. Sakshi has lost her first best friend in life owing to this separation of her parents.

I know no matter we progress and call ourselves as modern but the love of both the parents is important for the development of a child.  If separation is unavoidable and important , parents should at least come forward and spend time with their children when they need them the most . I don’t know what will happen to Sakshi, I don’t know how will she cope up with this loneliness but I can only hope that she shines in life, overcomes this hurdle and succeed . I wish you all the luck my dear Sakshi, be happy wherever you are and no matter how bad situations in life turn out to be , don’t ever leave your child alone to suffer in this world.

This is not a write-up but a humble request to all parents who separate, leaving behind their children as baggage , to come forward and for a moment think of their  child and their future .









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  1. Sumit kandoi says:

    Very nice n heart touching


    1. thanks Sumit.. We look forward to such feedback to make ourselves better.


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