Gorgeous Me.. Maddhuri’s Makeup Mantra…

Mad 1

Hey everyone!
This look was for the most over rated and hyped day of the year. – The lovers day : Valentines Day.
Since my style statement has always been simple yet classy, I stuck to it this time as well.
Starting with my hair I recently got it streak to a dark blonde and blow dried it. It’s simple, just stay dedicated to looking good and you’ll get there.
So I let my hair run wild as I love curls and it suits my face cut.
Now for my make up (my favourite part)
I started with my eyes, since I wanted to keep the eyes and lips from distracting each other, I opted for a very shimmery look. I used an ash green colour for my eyes. As a highlighter for my eyes used a subtle white just to highlight my eyebrows.
Check out my previous blogs for how to apply eyeshadow.
Once my eyes were ready I went on to my face, I used a concealer to conceal areas such as under my eyes,  corners of my nose and  my forehead. Always remember not to apply a lot of concealer unless needed, especially to cover dark spots and marks on your face, neck and body.
Once the concealer is done, apply your base.  Choose your base correctly as that’s what actually matters and application should be even n not blotchy.
After that apply a bit of loose powder to finish it off.
Now for the lips. My advise always use a lip liner to define your lips and to create a more fuller shape.
I have used a red lip liner and filled it in with a deep matte red colour.
The last minute touches were for my Katyal and mascara. Don’t hesitate to put these two as they always help your eyes look bigger and draw attention towards it. And of course not to forget my eyebrows, this time I used a cocoa brown colour eyebrow pencil and smudged it according to the shape of my eyebrows. And in a click I was ready for my valentines day.
Hope you liked this look of mine,  and for more information regarding more looks and any other queries do contact me, I’ll be the happiest to hear them out.
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Lots of love,

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