Get My Genie….

We all dream but very few achieve it . In this edition of Kolkata Konnect , I feel elated to feature a man with a vision to make a difference, Saket Bhukania, a 24 year old young entrepreneur who promises to change the delivery solutions market with his startup GetMyGenie.At such a tender age when guys pay more attention to make merry and enjoy the beauty and glamour of the world , this young Management graduate devoted his time to form an out of the box personal assistant app catering to the Daily needs and chores of everyone .

GetMyGenie is a one stop delivery solution with a human touch . Starting from food delivery from the …sweets at your doorstep to flowers …gifts… accessories…You name it and GetMyGenie takes it to your doorstep. The USP of these guys is their smiling faces adding a touch of happiness in this mundane day to day world.

The man behind the idea is a jovial little guy …Saket. Sipping a cuppa cold  coffee and his favourite vegetable pasta with white sauce , we spoke at length about his dream venture, his interest in Commerce and leaving his studies mid way and then working in a BPO , completing his studies , masters in Management and finally a dream to make a difference . His entire journey seems very flimsy but amidst the bright eyes and ignorant smile , lies a man , a young boy who has struggled to live his dreams . My meeting with Saket lasted for an hour and trust me , he is a thorough and sorted young soul who has a clear vision to reach his mission . Dailymirage feels proud of such young achievers like Saket and Bengal definitely needs such young entrepreneurs who can make a difference and highlight the achievements of Bengal in the world arena .














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  1. Kabir Sarkar says:

    We are all proud of him. I had ordered thrice with GetMyGenie to deliver food and laundry. It has been a pleasant experience each time.


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