New Age Anti Nationalism….

Date 9th Feb 2016, Place :New Delhi , India.

Military Hospital:

A brave soldier guarding the Siachen line battling for his life after being submerged in minus degrees of snow for 5 days. His only intention was to ensure that we are safe and our country is protected.His 9 other colleagues lost their lives in the flury of the avalanche while safeguarding our lives .

JNU Campus:


Afzal hum sharminda hai… Tere Qaatil Zinda hai… Bharat tere tukre honge ….Zindabad Zindabad….These were slogans echoed not from Pakistan.. POK or the LET rally but from one of the most revered institutes in India ….Jawaharlal Nehru University and the culprits were not outsiders but a mock of students gathered to commemorate the death anniversary of India’s Most Wanted Terrorist …Afzal Guru who was hanged for attacking the highest institution of democracy…The Indian parliament.


Media condemning the act of mass terrorism and videos released with evidences of the congregation.

Political Views:

Mixed reaction from parties with some condemning and some playing opportunists to dramatise their vested interests.

I have been seeing a lot of love hate tweets and facebook reviews on the entire episode . Some relating this to communism , some to Student’s injustice , some blaming the ruling party politics and some being silent.

As a child , my teachers including my parents have always taught me to respect the country and raise my voice against injustice , perhaps this is what we all have been taught that education is the biggest force that can uplift any nation.

Education tames the mind and fights intolerance to enlighten it. Universities are alike places of worship that shapes the future of a nation . Many a revolutions were born out of campuses that  have resulted in freeing countries and inspiring generations but when such powerhouses of revolution echoes anti national slogans and harbour terrorists , it becomes a sorry state of affair.

India is tolerant and yes irrespective of glitches that happen here and there , we as a nation have supreme tolerance towards any matter . But when this tolerance keeps our integrity at stake , we should come out of our shackles to oppose and act .The choice is yours ….Save the national integrity or be numb and support anti nationals .

From a worried Indian….

Arpita Deb



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