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Lal Kitab is a simple remedial book having no type of occult remedies. It doesn’t endorse the use of any Tantrik material like yantras, three dimensional deities, idols etc. Whatever it suggests is very simple, easy and the items involved are available in our household only. Lal Kitab shows its greatness in its teachings itself. Some common remedies for prosperity and domestic harmony.

  • Don’t tell lies
  • Keep faith in God, worship God with full devotion.
  • Don’t eat non vegetarian food unless it’s your traditional food.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Live in Joint family.
  • Pierce your nose and ear.
  • Worship and donate to the girl child
  • Give respect to female folks, girl children and widows.
  • Don’t accept anything free of cost.
  • Avoid south direction.
  • Keep some raw space in the house.
  • Always feed cows, dogs and crows.

More specific remedies are:

  • From your daily food, keep aside three small portions feed one part each to a cow, dog and a crow.
  • One must eat food where it is cooks, i.e., in the kitchen premises to control total Raahu effects, sudden shocks, unnecessary expenses etc.
  • Every month prepare some sweets equal to the no of family members plus three to four pieces extra and feed these sweets to cows or any other animal
  • Make a habit of keeping water or milk in a small cup just near the head while sleeping, in the morning, throw that water into any sacred tree like peepal, banyan, etc., this will avoid many minor irritations, accidents and health issues. These can be done on a one to one day basis, along with personal horoscope remedies for particular problems



Many people assume that it is very difficult to understand Lal Kitab system of astrology. They ask what kind of difficulties arise and are there any other occult sciences referred to in in Lal Kitab. LAL KITAB is the easiest method of remedial astrology compared to Vedic astrology. Lal Kitab remedies are based on the items that are present on this earth. One must get thorough knowledge of the items which are directly related to the planets because each and everything on this earth which we come into contact in our daily life are represented by one or the other planet. This should be understood first. Items here means anything, for e.g., trees, water, stones, relatives, friends, animals, vehicles, religious places, colours, are a few things of planetary representation.

Will elaborate more on this special book of remedies in the upcoming sections and reveal the secrets behind this ancient genius, till then stay blessed and happy.



Urvasshi Kapur

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  1. Yogesh Puri says:

    Madam, Nice to read your blog. Can you suggest some remedies for my health problems, or suggest a good honest astrologer who can?


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