Cold Play with the West….


Hi Peeps, after a long lull, Mo is back.

Just the other day, I just got attacked on social media for sharing my views on Coldplay’s new release. However my opinion remains fixed. India has been causing problems from the time I was a child up until now, which also include legal problems, ill health due to dirty water, dust, pollution. Yet I have chosen to come and live here still. Charlie and I have done a lot of charity here. We appreciate the poor who are always helpful as well as the poor animals and this country has a lot of soul, which is why I love it.

My conversation with this so called westerner turned into an argument after the individual started personal attack on Social media when I posted my views on this recent video of Cold Play.

I don’t understand one thing, why for westerners India still remains a land of snake charmers. Why is it that if westerners hates Muslims and Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia still run there for work? Calling all Muslims terrorists is a suggestion of radicalism surely because people like Hitler, the KKK all existed/exist as well. However are we judging the entire race based on that? Does that not make the person who is labeling all Muslims as terrorists, an extremist themselves, as obviously they fail to rationalize like the insane people who are bombing, that there are normal sane people and insane people in every race.

Shahrukh Khan’s films used to be screened 11 years ago in Germany and he’s watched by several Germans and other races, so surely Bollywood must not be so unsophisticated and tacky. At the same time we live in an area in Mumbai where all models, actors live, so strange you see people from every nationality coming here to try their luck in Bollywood’s tacky films, wonder why. As for Beyoncé being black, why not a black Indian woman, majority of the population is dark skinned. People have to realize colonial times are over, world dynamics are changing, India though poor in a lot of ways, unjust and corrupt is also dynamic, progressive and changing along on par with the developed world.

I sincerely hope Coldplay does not play this song at the Super bowl as they have loads of lovely songs and music videos. Maybe some cultures think people in India are uncivilized worshipping everything under the sun but Hindu Gods are just as precious to the Hindus as Jesus is to the Christians, not just some plaything to be displayed in someone’s T-shirts and Music Videos. My issue with this video is honestly over, I have a wonderful life which I like and enjoy so do not feel the need to take this to the next level.  Wishing Chris Martin a lot of luck with his next venture.



Mo Roy Lang


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