Lal Kitab… The story unfolds


Lal kitab’s main aim is to suggest remedies rather than predicting. Written in ancient Urdu language, Lal Kitab is widely known for its quick simple affordable remedies. Horoscope analysis as per the system is quite different form traditional Vedic astrology. Lal kitab is an ancient system of remedial astrology which are highly effective and results can be experienced from day to 45 days .There is also a conclusion that the book was written by Ravana to solve citizen’s problem as he was very much against performing homas, havans for deities and he wanted the rituals to be short and instant.

Some say lal kitab was first discovered in 1930’s by a military officer in Punjab, another name for Lal kitab is book of totkas, totka means remedial measures that will give instant result for a particular problem and these remedy should be stopped after the result is achieved and off course it has to be verified by a knowledgeable lal kitab astrologer.

After seriously studying and understanding the scientific efficiency its importance got noticed and it was named lal kitab. Lal means red colour , blood is red in our body , blood is the only element in our body that carries deeds of karma carried by us from our previous birth, deeds done by our ancestors which is carried through our blood only and not through other parts of the body . Even in modern medical science, for every disease only the blood sample is taken for study , the dna reveals everything about a human , past , present , character , etc. . Hence the colour of the blood is named in this system of astrology.

Lal kitab considers only the 9 planets for suggesting remedial measures. Its main aim is to suggest remedies, rather than predicting because for anybody, the solution to the problem in hand is more important than the problem or prediction, which may or may not happen in future. The present problems are solved instantly with lal kitab remedies. More importantly before applying the remedies for worldly problems, it removes the ancestral, curses, rina, doshas etc. It should be repaid or cleared off by the native only. It says that everyone and every individual, should do this Rina removal remedies, which the main cause for the hindrance in our growth, be it profession, marriage children, travel money etc. It also tells us clearly that whatever may be the problem we are in that may or may not be caused due to the karmas done by us but also- done by ancestors for which we are not responsible but by virtue of having born in that family we have to face such hurdles. This is one of the important discovery of the Lal Kitab.

Lal Kitab carries a lot of significance and can be a life changing experience if followed. I will share with you the benefits of the remedies and more on Lal Kitab for you all to understand and apply.



Urvasshi Kapur




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