Fashion Speaks

A fashion designer by profession, an author, stylist and a hard core independent woman of today who speaks her mind , that’s Rosemary Louisa Singh ,our new fashion blogger on board for Daily Mirage.



Rose’s Fashion Tips for the day:

We all cringe a bit when it comes to fashion and styling. Some of us shudder at the thought of going for a party fearing what we wear may make people sneer at us! Here’s a tip, ignore that thought, because you know what thought did? Climbed a lamp post and stayed there!! The magic to looking good is feeling good, chuck the attire if at all for a moment it makes you uncomfortable and you feel like you’re under someone else’s skin. Because if you’re comfortable then you’re confident. I really don’t think being anorexic is stylish, not because I don’t have a slim body, its advisable one should work out but not lose all the weight! Keep some of it so that your dress doesn’t look like it’s on a hanger. Sometimes when I want to wear a sexy dress with a plunging neckline, I make sure it doesn’t reveal any other part of the body, too much body show can make one conscious, so you either show your back or a little neck low would the treat. And hell yea, if it’s a tight dress, I give up on my favorite rice, and try to suck my tummy in for as long as I can, it’s an exercise my niece from Australia shared with me. It works, so the photographs I click hardly has any flab on my tummy. Bottom line: with comfort comes confidence and then you’re ready to turn all heads to your direction, it surely is a game changer!!






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moumita Koyal says:

    They say clothes makes a man but the saying has been proved many times wrong. With the right attitude and confidence you can pull any look. Rose’s fashion are extremely personalised. They are made to fit your body your mood your need and your pocket. You rock girl.


  2. Vivek Shah says:

    This is a brilliant article…..


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