Friends with Benefits…..


Sitting on my couch on a chilly winter morning what popped up in my mind is a controversial topic, “Friends with Benefits”. In this fast era where love and relationships change colours at the drop of a hat, having friends is a safer bet. Friends with benefits? Well every relationship we thrive on today has a benefit attached to it. Siblings to share feelings, lover for closeness and warmth, parents for emotional needs, colleagues for social acceptance and friends as a status quo. I might sound selfish and rude, but isn’t this what we all desire- Self-satisfaction. At the end of the day your happiness matters and in every relation what we acquire or desire is self-pleasure and contentment.

In this era of pace, where you get things done at the click of a mouse, do we really have time to search for love, honestly no, rare to find , no time for love. Aping the western culture is not something I personally support , having said that , there are a lot of good practices followed in the West , which we Indians take offence to. Perhaps our so called cultural gap or nascent mindset acts as a barrier to accept the change.

Why do Indians have so many dowry deaths, suicides through mental torture, divorces, post marital affairs…? Our abstinence to openness causes us to suffer. Yes I am different if you say so, yes I don’t believe in being in a marital relationship forcibly and pretend to be happy, yes I prefer to live alone rather than being surrounded by the wrong set of people, yes I am a singleton, yes I believe in friendship with benefits. Does that make me a pervert, corrupt, uncultured freak? Frankly speaking, I really don’t care. I have seen a lot of people around me, getting happily married, forcibly tortured, sadly divorced and openly suicidal, just to please the society. At least I live for myself and my loved ones and I am happy in my own world where fakeness has no space.

Coming to “Friends with benefits”, my question to all the so-called culture freak individuals- What is important for you – your pleasure at the cost of displeasure or a pleasure at the cost of no displeasure? Think about it people, don’t just live to make others happy, live for yourself, live to make yourself happy If you are happy mentally and physically, believe me nothing is more worth than this.

From a Happy Soul!!!

Arpita Deb


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