Girl’s Nightout Look…


Hey everyone I’m back with another blog of mine, this time it’s with a dash of colour.
I love experimenting may it be with my looks, my hair colour, my hairstyles my clothes and of course my make up.
For this look I’ve chosen a blue cause it goes well with the outfit I chose.
1 :Prepare your face (read my previous blogs for detailed information)
2 ; put loose powder under your eyes I. E.,  your eye bags so that even if any make up falls on it. It can be easily dusted off.
3 : since it’s a night look I’ve given most importance to my eyes, so first step apply your highlighter, in this make up I’ve used a slightly whitish colour higher because I wanted to put emphasis on my eyebrows.
4 : Once that is done start applying the colour u desire, in my case I have applied a rich deep blue.
5 : starting from the corner of your eyes going towards the inwards apply the eye shadow,  keeping in mind the uniformity.
6 : don’t go over board,  you wouldn’t want to look like you’ve got beaten or bruised up. Haha. Just kidding guys. Always follow the natural creases of your eye. They are the best guidelines.
7 : once that is done to put more emphasis I have added a dash of black at the corners of both the eyes.
8: The black colour eye shadow shouldn’t be much just a dash to give a more louder look and to emphasize on the colour you are concentrating on.
9 : Like I always say, remember to blend well.  The more you blend the more will the look stand out and it even stays longer. (Trust me on this!)
10 : for this look since there’s colour I did not want to over do it so avoided using eyeliner.
11 : apply 2-3 coats of mascara,  you can even use false eyelashes, but I decided to go natural!
12: since I am giving most importance to my eye I thought of giving an illusion of making my eyes a bit brighter. Kaajal does the trick. I applied a layer of kaajal a little below my water area of my eye and leaving some space between the water line and the layer created just now.  13: Then very carefully I filled in d space with kaajal and even put kaajal on my upper eye lid which can be difficult at first. If it’s ur first time do not try it, you will end up hurting yourself and ruining all the hard work you have done.
14: now that your eyes are ready dust off all the extra powder that was there.
15: now for the face, as usual follow the steps of contouring and foundation.
16 : I love contouring but I limit myself because It comes with a lot of practice and if you are looking for something easy to do you can avoid contouring. But for the people who also want to take that extra step of contouring go right ahead.
17 : contouring is basically when we highlight and hide a certain area by adding a darker shade compared to your complexion. For example I have a round nose. So to give it that sharp look I can contour the sides.
In this manner the main contouring portions are your cheekbones, head, nose, neck, chin and even lips.
18: Since I believe in simplicity I did very little contouring and even because I was running out of time.
19 : Always remember while contouring never let the lines remain prominent or else your look just gets messed up.
20: once the contouring and foundation is put. Apply compact powder to help the make up set in. Dust off the extra powder from your face.
21. Define your eyebrows, I have used a slightly brownish colour to keep the natural look, yet I have defined my eyebrows just following the shape.
22 : I have Used minimal blusher since I wanted all attention towards my eyes.
23: Using a lip liner define the shape of your lips and then fill in with your desired lip colour.  I have used a pink as blue and pink are a good combination of colours and does not distract the attention from the eyes.
And you are ready. Rock the night and keep being beautiful inside out.
Lots of love,




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