Space Clearing….


Have you ever entered a home where you immediately felt light and energetic? Or have you had the experience of walking into a room feeling depressed and drained out? Have you noticed how a room feels after an argument? Do you sense the tension and heaviness in the room? All of these responses are due to energy evolving you’re your surroundings. Every space has energy. Your home is not only a dwelling shelter, but also an infinite flow of energy space. When you enter a space that makes you immediately light or walk into a room where the atmosphere leaves you feeling depleted and drained, what you do is respond to the energy vibrations on the space available. To drive out negative energy and breed in positive energy Space clearing is an effective practice.

What is Space Clearing?


Space clearing is the art of clearing and revitalizing energies in a space, room or building. It is essential to retain the energetic maintenance of a place. Space clearing removes stagnant energy and bring in positive energy to homes and spaces.

pyramid swastiks

Why do you need Space Clearing?

In case you move into a house and you are facing financial crisis and bad health do space clearing to get rid of the negative energy.

When you start using a space there is emission of repetitive actions and behavior of events accompanied by strong emotions or trauma that affects your mindset as well. This creates debris in your mind and block positive influx of energy on a daily basis which can be nullified through cleansing.

Who needs space clearing?

Just about everyone and anyone who wants to drive out negative energy and feel energized needs space clearing.

Basic Techniques of Space Clearing:

  • Start from the door and move clockwise, use herbs like basil, cinnamon, lavender and incense.
  • Place holy water and plants in corners of the space and change it weekly.
  • Put pyramid Swastiks on the front and back door.
  • Place a set of three pyramids in the northeast corner of the house to neutralize Vaastu effects.
  • Sprinkle Ganges water.
  • Burn candles, depending on problems colors are specified by an expert like green for wealth and white for purity.
  • Take sacred bowls and make sounds concentrating on dark corners.
  • Clear the house once a week or immediately after an argument in the house and bad health to remove the feelings.
  • Touch the walls of the house and say, “Make me comfortable “so that the space feels a part of you.
  • Encourage sunshine chimes and crystal balls to bring in rainbow of colors inside.
  • Use Waterfalls with sound as per Vaastu experts.
  • Use positive pictures like full Buddha, happy family portraits, nice beautiful horse to bring in positive energy.

These are a few methods of space clearing that you can use to enlighten your mood.

Kitchen and bathroom are two very important spaces since Annapurna resides in the kitchen which I will cover in the coming segments.

Hope you feel positive, happy and light following this spiritual cleansing. Till then be positive and spread positivity around you.

Loads of Love

Urvasshi Kapur.





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