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Hi peeps, I am Maddhuri Verma, a stylist with expertise in hair and makeup. I am carefree,  cool and caring.  I love getting dressed and making all feel beautiful. Welcome to my world,  MV’s World of fashion of weekly dose on styling at Dailymirage. Let’s start with winter day makeup , something we all get confused with.

The key to a good make-up is a clean face. Firstly I clean my face with a fresh wet wipe and remove any sort of dirt.

Since it’s Winters moisturizing is very very important especially if you have dry skin or combination skin type.

Don’t moisturize excess or that might leave your face being oily and dark.

Once that is done, leave your face for a few minutes for the moisturizer to set in.

And before starting any make up for that matter make sure your face is clean,  if you have a vüny make up left on your face make sure to get rid of it first.

Since it’s a winter day look for a normal day just chilling with friends or going for a movie or just a casual meeting or a day at work this look will go perfectly.

Keep in mind you want to go as simple as possible. It’s like a no make up look for the people who look at you and only you know what you’ve done.

So keeping that in mind after your face has been moisturized well, Start with your eyes.

Apply a bit of eye primer all around your eye but make sure u don’t cross the boundaries of your eye. Apply the same amount on both and spread evenly.

Once that is done use very light colour (depending on your complexion) as a highlighter.  Highlighters are generally used to define the top most area of your eye,  in other words the thin layer between your eyebrows and the starting of the lower eye is your highlighting area. Use as little as possible and don’t go overboard with it as you don’t want to seek any extra attention. Make sure both your eyes have the same amount and look the same.

Once that is done use a slightly darker shade in my case I have used a light pink  colour to apply to the rest of my eye since it is going with the outfit I have chosen.

Stay within the crease of your eye for uniformity.

Once that is done you check if both your eyes are matching.

Then you can dust off any extra powder that has fallen on your face using a wet wipe or a clean brush. Always remember never put pressure on your face and apply or remove anything as it leaves a mark because our face is the most sensitive part of our body.

Once that is done thicken your eyelashes with mascara .2-3 coats of mascara should be more than enough.

After this with an eyebrow pencil not putting too much pressure start eyeing your eyebrows. Remember never to start from the tip of your eyebrow always start from the middle to avoid applying a lot. Just gently follow your shape and make sure not to apply too much.While doing this keep in mind both your eyebrows have to look even.

Once that is done use a blusher, in my case I have used a pink colour blusher.Suck your lips in and u will see there is a crease created between your upper cheek n lower cheek.Remember to put least amount of blusher and not over do. To be specific take two fingers distance from your nose and apply the blusher on your upper cheek.But do not let it come to any other area of your face. It should be in a slightly horizontal line and a bit tilted.Do the same for the other cheek. But please using the same shade.



Before you start anything on your lips make sure to moisturize it with a lip balm when u r getting your face ready for the make up.

Preferably for this look I have used Relentlessly Red from Mac and since it’s a Matte Lipstick it works wonders for me.If you are not confident with lining your lips make sure u use a lip liner first and then apply. For foundation always have a foundation that matches your skin tone and not lighter or darker.

For the face, take out some foundation on your hand and put it like spots all over your face. Then gently with a sponge dab the foundation all over your face.  Don’t forget your ears and your neck they have to match the colour of your face as well.  Please apply less and try not to make your face colour look different from that of your body’s.Spread it evenly once it’s done let it set in. After a few seconds apply a compact powder gently all over the same areas you applied the same. Make sure your skin tone remains the same. After the foundation part add the rest like the blush the lipstick.

And wallah, there you are ready to face the world. Will catch you all next week with some more facets of the party makeup.

Love Madhurri.



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