Mercury Manifestations


Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo.It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication.Mercury, the nearest planet to the sun signifies cleverness as per Vedic Astrology. It represents intelligence, wit and humor and acts as a platform for communication. The influence of Mercury can transport individuals to places as Mercury signifies communication, travel and weather, it can take one even from nonsense to sense of finer things. Through Mercury in a horoscope one can gauge one’s stress bearing capacity and understand lifestyle options better. In addition, Mercury in Astrology represents friends, relatives, colleagues and competitors. It also signifies interpreters, messengers and reporters. Among the seven planets, Mercury is the only one which is not allotted a house as Karka, perhaps for it cannot function to its potential independently.A strong Mercury denotes success in fields of trade, commerce, accounts , banking and computers. People with strong Mercury are sharp thinkers but are indecisive and have inborn anxiety pangs. Mercury is dual natured and governs two other zodiacs , Gemini and virgo.

If Mercury is malefic, the following issues might occur:

o   Losses in business, gambling / share

o   Skin disease, leprosy, stammering in speech

o   Dental problem.

o   Break in education service/business.

o   One feels isolated and lonely .

o   Suffering from depression, mental retardation or some nervous disease

o   Girls of the family are unhappy after marriage.

o   Relation with bua, sister or daughter is bad and wives sister will cause a bad omen .

o   Person may become a liar, cheat or drug addict.

o   Person may face imprisonment or bad name for extra marital relation

Remedies :

o   Clean tooth using alum.

o   Get nose pierced with silver or wear a kara with joint on left hand.

o   Worship goddess Sarasvati or Gayathri Mata and do Gayathri mantra jaap for 45 days.

o   Look after or help young/poor students and minor girls.

o   Feed green grass to healthy cows.

o   Avoid liquor egg and non veg.

o   From your meal, give one piece roti to a cow/ dog/crow.

o   Give donations of a cow and sheep.

o   Soak green moon while dal in salty water with little alum during night and offer the same to birds in the morning.

o   Put whole green moon dal in a tight fitted copper vessel and float in running water .

o   Float an unbathed earthen matki on running water.

o   Put pure ghee camphor raw sugar in a brass bucket full of water and bathe.

o   Starting from a Wednesday for 8 days put a copper plate with a hole in running water.

o   Bury and earthen pot filled with honey in an isolated place .

o   Burn yellow kauris near the banks of a flowing river and immerse its ashes in running water

o   Apply tilak of turmeric or saffron for 45 days .

The above mentioned remedies can be utilized in general by all , however for specific and fast recovery, it is always advisable to consult an expert.

Hope my remedies are making your life easy and better, stay healthy and alert till we meet next week.


Urvasshi Kapur.




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