I am Mo

Mo.jpgWell hello everyone. Hmm so a bit about me, here it goes… Where do I start? I see the world as a platform and a possibility, through my writing I feel I can reflect on the things happening around me and perhaps even share common experiences with others. Anyways a bit more in depth about me, I am a German national and an Indian by blood. I’ve lived in five countries which I do believe has definitely brought more to the table for me as a writer.  I feel it has given me the ability to understand a variety of people and also brought me to jotting down content which is related to people around the globe. I speak six languages and am proficient in five. I enjoy food, socializing, music etc. Optimism is my way in life and generally I am a happy go lucky person.  I think I was driven in to writing at a very young age. I used to write poems and small bits here and there. It was later when I went in to my arts course that something told me in my heart that this is exactly what I want to be doing. Then after that I joined a course in Germany after getting married which made me become a linguist too. I think in the past people always directed me towards writing. Then as I finished my education and additional studies I started writing scripts about anything under the sun, as well as deciding at some point that I wanted to write my first book which I am currently working on. I hope with this blog I can reach many people and maybe also touch a soft corner in people’s hearts with my words. I also do hope to make a change in this world and open up society’s eyes to the things around us…

Mo Roy Lang



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