Westernized View on Terrorism

Terrorism is a phenomenon usually associated with the eastern world inhabitants. The west has been neutrally silent over terrorism and prefers to be selective in its approach. Time and again hundreds and thousands of innocents have lost their lives in their tryst and struggle against terrorism. Many have been rendered homeless and forced to live as refugees owing to the aftermaths of terror attacks. The Nazis of the present generation reside close to us and this makes it all the more difficult to identify a hardened terrorist amongst us.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the western world tightened its grip, made its presence and enhanced its stature as against the developing east. Extracting natural resources for personal gains resulted in a lot of unrest in the Gulf region leading to the Great Gulf War in the early 90’s. The Gulf invasion by the west gave birth to a lot of terror outfits and added fuel to the fire. This irked the Israel- Palestine conflict and also saw the rise of Saddam Hussein , one of the anti-heroes of the West. Terrorism always had a strong foothold on the east and who knows it better than us Indians, who have fallen prey to terrorism for long. Even our peace loving neighbors like Srilanka and Nepal were not spared. A lot of hue and cry has always been raised and reported to highlight the terror sponsored but the west chose to turn a deaf ear and remain numb. What irked the west and moved their soul was a 9/11 catastrophe by  nineteen men affiliated with al-Qaeda, a terror group headed by an Arabic Civil Engineer, Osama Bin Laden, that blew the World Trade Center’s twin towers completely  causing the death of thousands.

The Western world immediately responded to the attacks by launching the War on Terror.  And started its invasion of  Afghanistan to depose the Taliban, which had harbored al-Qaeda terrorists. This highly maneuvered activity caused the death of thousands of innocent Afghanis and resulted in a mass grave destroying a beautiful and peaceful country. We all despise Terror and Terrorism but why is it that the West awakes from its slumber only after a push of 9/11  or a Paris  or UK Attack and not a 26/11?  Terrorism is a global phenomenon and should be dealt with utmost importance irrespective of region. A Taliban, A Boko Haram, A Naxal, A Mujahidin or An LTTE should get equal footage from the West alike an ISIS or an Al Qaida. There are millions of war refugees and innocent citizens suffering every day in Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, India, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Greece, Turkey and they too deserve the same sympathy and respect alike their western counterparts in Paris, London and New York. The west has to come out of its Diplomacy on Terrorism reaction and be open to assist and accept terrorism as a global menace. It is then only we can fight together the War and wipe out terror .

Arpita Deb




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