Intolerantly Tolerant…

Why has India suddenly become so intolerant towards intolerance. The other day I was watching a debate on news hour wherein, our so called tolerant elites were howling to prove their tolerance level. Its hilarious to see if third person trying to highlight tolerance by becoming intolerant. The country that has tolerated the invasions of the Moghuls, Portuguese and the British has suddenly been  awakened from a slumber and barking tolerance.Funny isn’t it? Seems being tolerantly shrewd is in fashion these days.

Everyday,  every hour,  every minute,  in the name of tolerance we see awards being returned , hate speeches being delivered and boycott warnings being issued to the government by the so called enlightened class of individuals hailing from the fields of art, entertainment, literature, science, technology and politics. Our prestigious media has also joined the band wagon to bash and provoke,  thereby making a mockery of our country before the world just for the sake of TRP.

I wonder where were all these tolerant individuals when thousands of Sikhs were killed after a former PM’s assassination. Tamils were openly threatened again by the same tolerants after another assassination of the PM from the same lineage. Thousands of Kashmiri pundits were forced to leave their homeland in fear of the so called tolerants who openly support terrorism and fly flags of terror proudly in the name of religion still today. Lakhs of infiltrators happily reside in our soils with fake Indian citizenships for these tolerant individuals. Every Tom, Dick and Harry gives lecture on the growing intolerance in our country to steal their moment of fame now but speaking against intolerance proves their immature intolerance and disrespect towards their nation.

India is a developing economy and has the potential to evolve and prosper provided we as responsible citizens stop throwing dirt at each other just to prove ourselves right. Killing people for eating beef is a heinous deed indeed but blaming a certain sect and criticising the culture is equally bad. We Indians have tolerated a lot of nonsense so far, let’s not tolerate individuals who spread nonsense in the name of tolerance. Being intolerant towards fake tolerance should be our motto to progress and prosper.

Arpita Deb



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  1. Shalini says:

    India has suddenly become intolerant because its having BJP at the center after 10 years, with noone appeasing certain sects.The sects that were silent so far are now waking up n wanting their share of the pie .That’s th reason behind the so called intolerance.For me a bad human being from any sect is bad that’s about it.

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