House Arrest – Yes or No!!!

Mr Madan Mitra, one of the pristine suspects of the Billion Dollar Saradha Scam, is under house confinement until 17th November 2015. But the question is,  did he deserve the bail ?

Justice Joymalya Bagchi strongly condemned the judgement passed by the lower court which granted him the bail based upon the absence of the investigating officer and the lawyer representing the CBI.

Madan Mitra is an influential individual who possess a lot of power, and granting him bail means a lot of damage, not just to the proceedings of the case,but to the victims who fell prey to the heinous Saradha Scam which duped the investments of 17 lakh Indians, primarily settled in the eastern part of the Sub-Continent.

Experts and the CBI are afraid that Mitra and his men may destroy important evidences related to the case, which may disturb the course of the investigation. House confinement may or may not play as an important antidote in this process of damage control. For a man like Madan Mitra, who still enjoys the portfolio of being in charge of the Ministry of transport, instructing the police and using them as puppets will be an expected exercise. So the house confinement will be cherished as a short term picnic, rather than confinement in its true sense.

It will be interesting to observe the court’s judgement due on the 17th November 2015 ,when the regular court will hear both parties. But did the lower court pass a sensible judgement? Aren’t we as citizens raising our eyebrows regarding the flow of events in this case? Has the commencement of the winter session of the Lower and upper house affected the case? Will the evidences related to the case get fabricated?

A lot of questions are running in my mind. Answers are awaited. But the flow isn’t free and fair. Let’s wait and watch what unfolds.

Aroon Shah



2 Comments Add yours

  1. amit rana says:

    we have millions madan in our country. Let’s begin getting all of them inside the jail.


  2. Dr J P MAITRA says:

    Interesting indeed !


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