Hello peeps , finally evolving out of hibernation mode for the Durga puja festivities and gorging on food,  I am back weighing few kilos more. Food oops,  I hope I don’t fire a controversy for eating meat during Navratri as food ban is the trend of the season these days. Well I am a voracious meat lover and thankfully my vegetarian friends don’t abuse me for that or raise agitations demanding ban on my eating habits.

From the dark ages,  man has survived on hunting and eating animals to survive,  religion was non existent then and survival was the prime motive. As civilization flourished,  the eating habits of man changed, from eating raw food they graduated to cooking and eventually evolved various cuisines of the world.  From African jungles to Australian seaside, from European lakes to Indian villages,  every region has it’s individualistic and distinct food habits. Meat as a food component has been a favoured ingredient for many masterpieces across generations.  In India even, the invasion of the Portuguese, Mughals and the British have given birth to many non vegetarian culinary wonders which are being cherished from generation to generation. You all might be wondering as to why I am stressing on meat as an integral part of my discussion,  primarily because I love meat and also because,  I want to convey and clarify that being a meat lover,  I don’t hate and suppress those who don’t eat meat.

India is known as a democratic country and Indians are known for their tolerance worldwide, afterall which country in the world would have tolerated the feudalism of outside powers for centuries and even adapted it to form a part of our culture. We are a land where a dhokla is equally loved as chicken stew and pork chops and this diversity in food habits is the beauty of our country. I personally don’t consume beef not because my religion doesn’t allow me to but because I don’t like the taste of it. Why does beaf feature in my thoughts suddenly ? Over the past few days a lot of clashes and killings have happened over beef.  People killed,  agitations carried out,  news channels debating it on prime time,  politicians contesting elections with beef manifesto and the so called secular society crying aloud with slogans of beef.  Ridiculously insane are we all becoming now,  I might not be religiously inclined but yes I am no atheist and I practise Hinduism with equal respect for all religions.  I wouldn’t want to preach and instigate anyone to start a fight against beef,  pork or any vegetable as at the end of the day,  these are all consummable items for our survival,  fighting for food for survival happened during primitive ages but it seems fighting against food in the guise of religion,  politics and vested interests is the new fad of the modernized and civilized primitive generation of ours. Food is food,  let’s not bring anything between our tastebuds and mouth and eat to enjoy the pleasures of food.

Arpita Deb



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