Wounds of a male world

Now it’s a new generation and supposedly ‘times have changed’ or so the youth keeps saying it has. Parents more lenient and with technology advanced so has society. However I must say one thing has not changed though and that would be the equality amongst males and females. Women are said to be liberated now that they have options as to how their lives should go….Well media reports and live happenings seem to suggest something else. Yes women nowadays get to choose their jobs and are marrying the people they want, but does that necessarily mean the attitude which a male carries for a woman has changed? That’s the real question do men really see us females as equals? The answer is probably not or so research suggests and well in my opinion real life experiences.

Now the question to the questions I have posed is, why I’m breaking my head over this perhaps overly discussed topic, an interesting article brought me here to jot down my thoughts. Off late I have been hearing a lot on the headlines about an Indian female writer (who has all my respect), she translated the book ‘Transcendence My Spiritual Experience with Pramukh Swamiji’ by Kalam. She was told not to attend an event due to Brahma Vihari Das of Baps Narayana Sanstha not liking the idea of having women on stage with him. Just imagine we live in the so called best times with the most liberation. Strange irony happening here isn’t it? What happened to it being the facebook generation where everyone had a platform to showcase themselves be it male or female; black or white? So many questions so few answers. Now funnily you would think that religion and god is the place where people find freedom from a mean thing called society. However this just shows that the oppression of women begins in one of the most important structures in society… Tragic isn’t it? And I noted the word ‘impure’ a few times. I mean really ‘impure’, we are made of the same flesh and bones so how can a simple word ‘gender’ have such an impact on people. It’s just a social construct…

Anyways, so the article seems to note that it’s not even the religion, because Hinduism is one of the few rare religions which visualize gods as females. So guess who is the problem here, the publishers are! Not only did they degrade her in such a manner but also failed to apologize. Once again it is the middle men who come in and create trouble…

However to conclude my thoughts on this incident I must say it’s depressing that a woman who is so respectable and has a share in the creation of the book, be mistreated like this. I think we still live in a man’s world, though changes are happening and mild liberation is occurring, women are still the second sex.  It’s happening in all cases. And my empathy is with Sreedevi, she most definitely deserved better than this. To all of you protesting, you’re the ones who are helping us keep faith in humanity.

–          By Mo Roy Lang



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