Sexual Independence

Sex , the word that is a taboo in our society. Even if you use this in your vocabulary, you will be branded a pervert in India. Why is there an air of uncertain mystery or forbidding censorship surrounding one of the most important aspect of evolution and the existence of mankind? Sex is the sole reason why You, Me and everyone is born, sex is the only medium that brings intimacy in a relationship, sex not only gives pleasure to the body but it is also a mood enhancer, an energy builder and one of the best exercise revitalizing the human body. If sex is an Integral part of our lives then why is the resistence and persistence still prevalent.

India is the land of Kamasutra, we taught the world about sex. Our scripture, sculptures and religion depicted sex. The temples of Khajuraho and konark have representations of nude postures depicting sexual encounters. A country that was a pioneer of sexual revolution is now ashamed of even talking about it. We indians prefer having sex behind bushes and closed walls but shy away from accepting. India is one of the largest consumer of the porn industry, one of the largest brothel and prostitution hubs, but still shys away from introducing sex education in schools .

The abstinence of sex arouses the curiosity leading to crimes of sex. Rape, molestation, child sex and pregnancy are on the rise and the culprit behind this is not just those involved in such heinous acts but also our society that still prefers to turn a deaf ear to sexual independence and education. If you stop a child from touching a toy and scold him, he will always have the curiosity to touch the forbidden toy but if you educate and make him understand the pros and cons involved in touching the toy, the same child would think and use his understanding and not touch the toy. Sex is a sensitive topic for kids and because of this very reason, parents should openly discuss and educate their kids and impart sex education.

Sexual freedom is another huddle we need to bypass. Living in a patriarchal society, we don’t give importance to opinion of woman on sex. A woman has every right to have sex with her partner before and after marriage and also has every right to deny sex and not be forced to indulge . The day we women start utilising our sexual freedom and choice , men will stop considering us as mere commodities and objectifying us. Equality doesn’t mean just the power to cast vote, education and opinion, it also means the right to sexual freedom. A lot has been said and done on development and right of choice but the real development of a nation can only happen if we start evolving and develop our sexuality and prosper.

Arpita Deb


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