The Ashley Madisons

Marriage is a long term commitment and a pious bond of trust and honesty… Says who?  With the recent revelations of the Ashley Madison members and their hacked accounts,  I doubt if the institution of marriage is just an escape or cover to the kinky pleasures behind closed doors. Ashley Madison says ” Life is short, have an affair ” , is this the new mantra of today.

Physical proximity is a biological need of the body and it’s not a crime to have consensual pleasure to quench this need but if the pleasure is at the cost of your partner’s trust,  is this really justified. When two individuals enter into courtship and matrimony , its not just two bodies that mate but two minds, families and culture that weds. Trust is an important trait of any relationship and to misuse it is worth a crime.

I am no moral police condemning extra marital affairs . If two individuals are not incompatible and there is no want and spark left in a relationship,  its better to end than drag. Divorce and mutual separation is better than seeking pleasure outside marriage. I am sure there is a section of society who will not agree to my views on divorce and separation as we live in a society where a divorced woman is always being looked down with suspicion and blame. For such women, succumbing to a failed marriage and living with a disloyal partner is a better alternative than being criticised and blamed for a failed marriage.

Ashley Madison controversy shook the world of many but have we really learnt our lessons or are we still drawn towards the hidden and forbidden pleasures and fruit in the garden of Adam and Eve.

Arpita Deb



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