Crime publicity

Indrani Mukherjea and  Nupur Talwar, the names dominating headlines on and off are no superwoman but ruthless convicts accused of murdering their own offspring. Irrespective of the violent nature of crime, why are these women drawing attention? Is it because we get fascinated by negativity or have we lost our moral conscience.

After a lull and hibernating for a week for my poor state of health, what caught my attention was the over hyped footage given to heinous cool blooded crime committed by a high socialite mother against her own daughter. Indrani Mukherjea is no Godwoman or politician caught in limelight but the amount of coverage she is being given by the media makes me wonder if she is actually being idolized by the media to hike TRP. Gone are the days when you are applauded for a good deed and contribution towards development.  A soldier sacrificing his life somewhere in a far flung mountainous track to safeguard us from foes and infiltrators dies an unknown death and no media covers the sacrifice, a penniless father carrying his molested little daughter everyday walking hundreds of miles for her treatment doesn’t move the media , a mother dedicating her entire life for the well-being of her daughter doesn’t make headlines but crimes of passion, wealth,  religion and desire are definite hits these days.

Sensalisation of crime is the call of the hour and criminals dominate headlines.  I wonder where we humans are heading towards.  Evil dainted and painted is what we appreciate and acquire. If this mad race for crime publicity doesn’t stop soon,  the present and the future generations will resort to crime to make a mark in society and crime will become a status symbol.

Arpita Deb



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