Single Motherhood

alone (1)Ma …Mother ..Mom… A word which every woman loves to be addressed as, the biggest achievement of a woman, the force behind the creation and development of the human civilization and the very reason why we as a race multiply is because of the womb that nurtures us.  Despite all the love and adulation attached to this amazing individual, why is it that when a woman decides to singlehandedly gives birth and raise a child without any male intervention,  the same term becomes a taboo. If a man cannot be man enough to be by the side of his woman then why would a woman need such a man.

Being born and raised in a patriarchal society we have usually been brainwashed since childhood to treat ourselves as a weak and voiceless demure version of a man, someone who would never question the decisions taken by a man,  someone who would silently bear all the ill doings and if required support and cover up for such deeds of a man , someone who would feed,  breed and not lead. If by any chance a woman decides to go against the so-called norms of the society,  she is either termed as a slut or ill charactered and a rebel.

“Single Mother” , a woman who either gives birth without getting married or is bringing up a child without a man, something which our progressive society still finds hard to digest. Motherhood doesn’t need the certificate of a man, though biologically two  chromosomes are required to produce, but for the sake of the society a woman is not just a child bearing machine that cannot operate unless being licensed by a man to work post production. The identity of a woman is not dependent on a man and likewise the identity of the child should not just depend on the father.  As a woman,  a mother should have equal rights to her child and as a human she should have the same status quo as a man on every aspect  starting from solely signing the birth certificate without a father’s name to inheritance of her husband’s property share post divorce and authority of giving birth out of wedlock.

I might sound like a hardcore feminist to many of you but if fighting for my dignity, raising my voice against baseless society norms, revolting against the wrong and making myself hear for my right to live the way I want,  makes me one then I am proud to be a feminist.  Feminism is not just opposing to anything a man says but it is to ensure that being a woman, I have the right to oppose anything put forward by anyone that I feel is not worthy of me. We hear a lot of campaigns trending these days like ” Beti Bachaao Beti Padhaao” , “Selfie with your daughter”, but would that really make any sense if a “beti” or “daughter” doesnot have the right to choose her life.


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