Public Display of Religion

Emotions form the basis of faith which in turn is the perquisite of any religion . Love and religion are pious and to use it to gain publicity is perhaps the grossest action any being can perform .Public Display of emotions and faith has become a fad these days.The present generation of Yogis are mere Bhogis who take religion to pursue their vested interests .

From the lust drive individuals making out in public to the attention thirsty self proclaimed Godman advertising themselves as spiritual healers , all quench their insatiable thirst by publicising their deeds . Seeking public attention by marketing religion is the biggest spoiler alert whose impact will be felt in generations to come .  In their tryst for advertisements these so-called spiritualists go to any length , wear fancy dazzling robes , carry religious weapons , organizing media mass gatherings for conversions and thought provoking discussions are a few of the many tactics employed to woo the innocent mass .

Man is a weak being by nature and the fear of the unknown and unpredictable haunts him always . It is this weakness that is being misused very smartly in the guise of faith and religion . The day we humans overcome this fear , there will be dearth of such pseudo Godmen who would cease to exist and practise . Over indulgence is addictive and if religion and faith becomes an addiction, it is perhaps the worst form  of offence leading to mass destruction and extinction. Act before its too late to recover , the next time you see a mini skirt , saree , dhoti , white ,black or colourful rob clad mystic figure on television, newspaper or a congregation delivering illogical lectures don’t waste your time and energy on such thugs but use your brains to do something more productive and worthy .

Arpita Deb



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