Pseudo Indianism

” Bharat Maata tumhe kuch nahi aata..”

” INDIA is a gareeb country.. I knew someone will steal my Brand new iPhone here. .”

While Mr. Shashi Tharoor was trending in news and social media for his speech at the Oxford Union Society in UK, the above mentioned excerpts from 2 Facebook posts were the source of disturbance to me.

Surprisingly, the two women who had posted them are Indians. They enjoy living in a democratic country which allows them freedom of speech and expression. A country whose law makers are bothered for the peoples welfare (exceptions shall be treated as exceptions), a country whose army  stands on its toes for its countrymen, a country where the judiciary is unbiased.

I may be wrong in assuming whether they have anti nation feelings but I am sure they find this to be cool a term today’s mobile generation relate to so well. This is absolutely uncool and in any context the worst expression of your thoughts.

I personally feel like walking upto them with all the questions I have in my mind as their thoughts need a filter and we as citizens need to make them realise the value of living in our nation. India is  among the fastest growing economies in the world and has the best intellectuals the world has ever had. The best Doctors,  engineers,  scientists, nobel laureats are all Indians.  NASA, the most elite and advanced space center in the world has  a thick representations of Indian Scientists . The softwares that Microsoft manufactures,  the phones that apple revolutionizes and even the search engines that Google runs have Indian brains at the backdrop. We Indians have given the world the power of zero in mathematics ,the power of yoga in aesthetics, nonviolence and peace are the mantras the world looks upto and follows through us. We not only have a rich heritage and culture to boast of but also the advancement and knowledge to rule the world.

India bashing has become a new fad amongst a few who try and gain attention with such tricks. Its a matter of pride to be born in such a diversified country and It’s also time we stand up and make such people realise the value of living in our motherland.

Aroon & Arpita



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