Mystic powers of the mind…. Mentalism

A meeting over coffee on a rainy evening,  completely transformed my perception about one of the oldest mind tricks of the world “Mentalism” . Being a non believer of the mystic powers of the unknown and undiscovered world , my inquisitiveness and logical curiosity prompted me to convince my friend Aroon to arrange for an encounter with Tapabrata,  the Mentalist I saw on a popular television reality series.

A wet evening and a piping hot cup of caramel cappuccino in my hand,  I could see from the distant a guy with a boyish charm and twinkling eyes approaching towards us.  At the first glance Tapabrata the Mentalist, appeared like a friendly next door neighborhood boy I meet and greet everyday with no extraordinary dimensions to rate him as unique but when he started unwinding and transporting us to his world of mysticism, I couldn’t help but stare at him in awe. The tricks were nerve wrenching,  starting from a card guessing game to a spoon bending automatic trick,  to mind reading sessions and hypnosis,  I was flabbergasted and glued till he concluded his session.  From a non believer to a fan, my journey to the unknown and unbelievable world of Mentalism completely changed my perception.

Tapabrata left such an impact in my mind that I didn’t waste a single minute to know about Mentalism from the horse’s mouth directly.

Tapabrata’s excerpts on Mentalism and his experiences is what I could proudly compile after the meeting which I now present to  you all. “Mentalism is the art of mind reading. A mentalist is a person who uses intuition, body language reading, hypnosis, suggestions, acuity. All of these things are combined & mixed with practice & experience to deliver the the essence of the sixth sense or ESP A.K.A EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION. The art of mentalism is actually a long lost art form of India now reestablished by the European & american culture as a form of entertainment. Although as mentalist my personal belief & experience is that you can use this art form in your daily life & can get good results out of it. Mentalism actually requires an ample of concentration, focus & lots & lots of practice which actually hones one’s intuition skill, memory skill & perceiving skills as well. Having said all of that, mentalism is the way to actually expand the abilities of your mind. I have been doing mentalism for almost ten years now & professionally i am doing it for 2 years now, i have performed for many companies, colleges, private parties & yet i feel with more than eight years of experience, i have only scratched the surface. Rest assured, practicing mentalism is a journey of exploring the ever expanding abilities of the human mind, hence a never ending journey. ”

Tapabrata says ” My inspiration first came from american magician David Blaine & Indian mystician Ugesh Sarcar at the age of 14. I started with telekinesis & mind reading, later on i started with card tricks & i watched different magicians & came up with my own methods of doing intimate magic.” Sounds simple but this wonder boy has other talents as well , At the age of 19 he drove a bike blindfolded, and he took three years to learn how to perceive his surroundings without seeing it.  He can not only drive a bike or car blindfolded  but can read, write, eat and perform any activity blindfolded and memorize minute details at one glance.”

The human brain is indeed a mystery to the world and Mentalism,  as a performing art of supreme intuition and mind power challenges every thinking being.  Having said that my curiosity has increased tenfold now after witnessing it and I eagerly am waiting for my next dose from Tapabrata. I am not trying to convince the thinking lot to believe in Mentalism but can only say ” See it to believe it ” , perhaps my friends Aroon and Devraj who were there with me on that evening will agree to it.

Arpita Deb



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