To be hanged till death

Capital punishment – Hanging till death, is perhaps the extreme form of punishment  by law.  Life bestowed upon, is a precious gift and to snatch it away is a difficult choice of any sensible being as the death sentence of one individual induces death to his near and dear ones as well alike a poison that slowly enters your veins and spreads it’s venomous ravage.

There has been many debates and discussions on the implications of Capital Punishment and when to bestow this rarest form of judgement and the views and opinions are divided. For some a hardened convict is entitled to Capital punishment and under no circumstances he should be spared and have the right to live but for others, life imprisonment is a viable option as it gives the opportunity of repentance and saves a life.

Crime in any form is brutal and the one who commits it is punishable under every law, but as humans do we not add more value and worth to our existence by reforming the one’s who have deviated from their purpose of life? Is death the only answer to hardened crime,  can killing one individual stop future crimes? Perhaps the answers to these are unknown to many and is being interpreted differently based on our comfort level.

I am not an advocate of criminals and I strongly condemn such heinous deeds committed but I am sceptical about the concept of capital punishment as this kills the sole purpose of reforming a troubled soul and bring him at par with the civilised world.  Killing a criminal can never stop a crime,  it can only increase it tenfold. Repentance is the best form of punishment and solitary confinement with enlightenment can transform even transform a murderer into a human. The creator of the greatest Hindu epic,  the Ramayana- Valmiki who was once a notorious bandit turned into a sage through repentance , let’s spare a thought and try and make better humans out of animals and not animals out of humans.

Arpita Deb


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