LYPD – Live Your Personal Dream

Dreams and aspirations are an integral part of our lives… The day we stop dreaming,  we will cease to exist. Dreams inspire to set up goals and work towards achieving it and LYPD has been doing tremendously well in fulfilling the dreams of many individuals .

Hero-worship and seeking motivation drives any individual and LYPD stands out in the crowd in this aspect.  It creates a common platform and acts as an interface between our dreams and reality.  Conducting Online heart to heart talks where fans get to interact on a personal front over video chats with eminent celebrities , motivators and idols , getting to know their inspirations, way of life and building strong bonds is what LYPD does. When I got to know about this concept incepted by the founders of  LYPD,  Paresh Rawal and Aroon Shah, it really motivated me to pen down my thoughts about this unique concept and share it with you all.

LYPD aims at revolutionizing and enlightening the thoughts of a common man through its virtual and physical interaction methods like LYPD online – Meeting celebrities ,sharing experiences and building personal bonds, LYPD talks – Informative videos about varied topics,  depicted and potrayed in such a manner that even a layman’s mind can interpete  it. LYPD interactions- Live events and seminars on burning issues,  creating awareness amongst citizens.

Formed in October 2014, LYPD, an initiative of TINT, Talks And Interactions LLP, has come a long way in building bridges amongst ordinary people and their inspirations wants and desires, creating social awareness against crime and building and sharing knowledge about numerous genres unknown to a common man , thereby making people believe in their dreams and achieving it. With Live Your Personal Dreams – LYPD, Aim to fulfill your dreams and inspire others to fulfill theirs for a better society.

Arpita Deb



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