The diary of a single woman

As I gaze out of the window and feast upon the crystal drops bursting from the sky, my thoughts transport me to a different world… The world that is unknown to all and thriving in me for long. Being an independent working woman,  I never felt the need of a man in my life or perhaps I created an invisible wall to refrain anyone from breaking in.

I had my share of linkups and breakups too in my tryst for love initially but all these failed attempts made me stronger mentally to face the world singlehandedly. In a society where a 20 something girl is forced to think about marriage,  I was no exception either, curious stares of relatives and friends at social gatherings and questions about my single status have haunted my parents for long but gradually as I stopped attending such social circuits,  they all died down.

Yes I am single not because I don’t have a choice to get married but because I prefer to be this way and live my life on my own terms.  I am a dreamer and I do believe in love, sharing and compassion but marriage is not the answer to this. I am not a rebel, nor am I different,  it’s just that my space is important for me and I can’t let any individual break the shackles.

Baby I am addicted,  I am out of control but you are the only reason I am trying….. wakes me up from my slumber of thoughts….That’s the tune and the man… ‘Enrique’ that still gets me going despite all odds. The rains have stopped and it’s sunny outside,  time for me to wear my style, smile, makeup and shoes and face the world , go out and enjoy ,be with people I love without any shackles and bondage but only pure bliss.



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