Chaotic Martyrdom

Darkness within
Darkness within

Being stuck in a traffic for more than an hour, I wonder what Martyrdom is all about… July 21, Martyr’s Day in the city of joy brings no joy to helpless commuters like me waiting endlessly for the mess to clear and reach our destinations.

I see flock of people being transfered to be slaughtered in the crowd of sensalization. For these individuals a Marty’s day is nothing more than a day trip to a Metropolitan, free food,  cashless visits to heritage monuments and money. I bet the needs of a common man still remains as food, shelter and cover which can never be met by celebrating departed soul’s day.

Amidst this chaos,  I can see an ambulance fighting to reach the hospital and anxious faces praying and peeping for the vehicles to move hoping against hope to save a precious life in danger. What significance does celebrations of the departed hold when you can’t let a living being thrive. Economic upliftment, creating job opportunities, inaugurating new hospitals for the deprived lot,  funds to the poor and the needy is what even a Marty’s family would need to live. Isn’t this what needs to be celebrated… Life rather than a chaotic martyrdom for the heck of sensationalized power and graffiti.

As I ponder over Martyrdom, the traffic slowly started moving and the sergeant was kind enough to let the ambulance go.  I hope amidst celebrations of the dead, we don’t loose a life.


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