The silent speaker

Silence is golden, a pickup line often used.  Yes we are polished and sauve but that doesn’t mean we ought to be silent observers and embed our opinions for the sake of avoiding arguments.

Imagine a world where everyone is muted and have no say,  a country where the representatives of the mass keep numb,  a house where the inmates don’t share their views and opinions…is a sure shot disaster.  We as mortals have a precious power of thinking which differentiate us from innate objects,  we voice our opinion, raise voice against injustice and have our say in our way.  The day humans stop using this precious gift of speech,  the world would be haywire.

Offlate a lot of mockery was made of Leaders who chose to be silent and play truant to worldly affairs.  Being vocal is not a crime as afterall even the constitution gives us the right to freedom of speech. My ardent appeal to these so-called muted representatives wwould be to come out of their shackles and adhere to norms and policies for which they are being idolized.  Break the bar of silence and speak up for the sake of humanity. wp


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