The Accidental Eavesdropper

Love is an experience. A state of mind clearly outsmarts every other states of mind. Frankly, it sure does wonders or makes one wonder. Alternatively. Or chronologically. But it does make for funny aftermath.

Failed or successful. Love is surely here to stay. As long as the rain pours and the ubiquitous auto exists.

And like a harried citizen, drenched to the bones, inspite the umbrella, I stood waiting for “manna from heaven”. A transport that could take me home or atleast to somewhere near my dwelling. Buses won’t stop. Taxis won’t budge. And when all failed did arrive my knight in the shining armor. An Auto. From behind the hanging tarpaulin , peeping at me was the driver. He was looking for passengers and got me. Along with me did enter a couple. Duly drenched. Not much harried. But definitely in love. The holding of hands. The slight nudge and the smirk on their faces did suggest that.

And our journey began.

With the auto covered on the sides, suddenly we became a world apart. The four of us in a contraption of a vehicle. Wading through water with the rather frequent bumps, we the travelers were now part of the “will survive the rain today list”. And that made for quite a nice feeling.

But what did not prepare me, was the animated discussion, I became a part of, whilst this travel. The couple beside me, did gave themselves in to the rain. The joy of crystals touching one’s flesh is inherently fraught with emotional upsurge. But since civilization parameters and societal norms as well limitation of space did not allow much physicality, the communication which followed was good enough to make the ride a memorable one.

The voices were kept low hence the conversation was overheard in snatches. Had it been clearer than what I did hear, it would certainly have turned out to be a case of an accidental “threesome”. Albeit, auditory.

Biology or physiology has never been a strength. But years of discrete discussions have made me knowledgeable in anatomy.And hence I was quite up-to-date with subjects related to the physical manifestation of emotions. All dictionaries end up naming it “Sex”.

I would once again reiterate that it was all unintentional, though a slight, extremely slight at that, hint of interest did grow eventually and I do look forward to meeting them once again to know how it all ended.

That the madness needed a method and that the methods do border on insanity is a narrative for some other forum. But the detailing that goes in permuting the chances of you getting caught with your pants down is incredible. It does require mathematical genius to compute the probability of expecting the house to be empty on a particular day and date. The best part is the holistic approach taken towards each member of the family. And their respective presence around the “venue”.

All this and the intermittent soft laughter did indicate that the success of such a plan was high.

It made even a stranger like me smile. At least two souls are having some memorable moments of their lives in a city, marooned by the negligence of its keepers.

The couple who are yet to be stung by marriage, which I now come to realize, would also discuss about their past experiences. Now that was a great way to manage and plan future actions. But past actions involved sex. In fact, it was only about sex. And hence the conversation now veered towards crumpled bed sheets, missed dates of monthly menstrual cycles and the anxiety it came with, tastes and interests. Oh and a major area of development, as it turned out to be was the positioning. The man, who really was a young guy, since I now turned to look at their faces, was not being able to perfect the “stance”. An issue, which, both agreed upon. It was quite clear that the male was “arriving” early while the female was still “travelling”.

The various stages of this rather colorful conversation would be marked by speed breakers, which the driver would, very dutifully, jump through. Like a sprinter on hurdles.A momentary pause, a quick anti-gravity jump, and the world resumes again.

The rain seemed endless outside. But now I was company to a very elaborate plan of deception, manipulation and relentless pursuit. Hence, everything else seemed so superficial. Incidental. It was as if I could just ask them to jot down notes. Go through the various fail points. And get the project implemented.

Well it almost seemed like a project to me. was a bloody project. Between two very independent individuals, deep in love with each other, trying to make most of the opportunities or the lack of it. Trust me, the woman, who now, as I got to see her face, was actually a girl, took as much participation in this as the boy himself. So gender equality was being played right before my eyes or should  I say, ears.

I paid the driver, looked at their faces and walked off. The rain was still pouring. The muck still filled the road. But in a world of mine, those crumpled bed sheets had taken a new form. Or was I imagining.

Awputo rides have never been this engaging. And I did realize that day, the effort which goes behind an act of “foreplay” and a successful “insertion”.


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