Fashionably Fat

Fat ,Obese, plus size , Hefty….. are a few adjectives to describe people like me who weigh slightly more than others .Being brought up in a closed nit nuclear family and being the only pampered child of my parents , their love started showing up in my ever expanding weight. Not that I was ever conscious of my weight but as a teenager I had to face my own set of disastrous bullies and sarcasm from my peer for being fat. Hailing from Shillong “The Scotland of the East” a place which is fashionable and chic in its own way, I have always been drawn towards westernised culture and etiquette wherein a Brian Adams will have more impact than a Kumar Sanu to me.
When I moved to the cultural capital of British India, the city of joy – Kolkata, my so called western sense of style and dressing made me a laughing stock for the so called cultured people who would look down upon me as an outcaste. For them it was difficult to digest that a “fat” girl can still have coloured hair with locks, the tattoo taboo, and offcourse carry couture wear. But was I taken aback by the negative publicity and anxious looks… Offcourse not, that gave me the zing to change the perception of the same lot who would criticise me for being fashionable. It was tough at the outset to change the mindset of people to accept a Chic clad fat lady but eventually I did and could also motivate a few to add colours to their life. It gives me immense happiness now when people who criticized me earlier appreciate me and my style.

Being fat is not a crime and every girl deserves to look beautiful and feel divine. Fashion is not measured from your body mass , it’s your attitude that matters. So Girls stop being bohemic and starve youselves to death to become Fashionable as U can still be fat and Fashionable14347396080851


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