Love Bytes


In this era of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has love lost it’s significance? Perhaps this dotting question haunts everyone’s mind. Being born in the generation of Mills and Boon, where holding hands, exchanging cards and writing sweet notes represented romance,  it really surprises me when I see 14 year olds having quickies in the car . For them love is a medium to quench their insatiable sexual thirst.

The innocence and beauty of this wonderful feeling has been lost somewhere in the pile of used condoms thrown after encounters. Love is no longer platonic , it’s mechanical.  Gone are the days where one would sacrifice their whole life just to bring a smile for their beloved. Date sex,  Sextexts, touching celebrations of post coital joys are the grossest things hitting the trends these days. The reality is more harsh,  teenage pregnancy, juvinile rapists, Crimes of passion are a part and parcel of our society and to an extent even parents are to be blamed for this.  In their tryst for fame and money , parents forget to devote their valuable time and advice to their kids. An iPod, iPhone and flashy gizmos replace the parental adulation and much needed time. Easy access to wordly pleasures draws them more towards crime which eventually dooms them.

The sole differentiator between humans and innate beings is our ability to love and the irony is that we as humans are gradually loosing our sheen to shower love. Lets not dwell on kinky pleasures only and try and Inculcate and live this wonderful feeling call Love to make our existence worth.


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