Man, The Superman

He came out of the dark cavern, rubbing broken stones. He went back. With light. The cavern soon turned into a settlement of mirth. Embellished with the emotions of civilization. A journey of discovery. Independence.

He was no more the rock wielding, bark wrapped Cro-Magnon. Fearless and adventurous. A survivalist.

He was now the suave, Homo-Sapien. Articulate, manipulative yet insipid inwards. Wrapped in his own demons. He named it failure.

The broken stones were not there anymore. The caves and the caverns washed away by the ravages of time. Man was now a luxurious beast. Living off the land he once protected.

Pushed down by the brunt of expectations, tearing through every muscle and nerves, man rose again.

Broke the shackles. Went primal.

The concrete world has given rise to the hunter.

He did discover himself. All over again.

Man, The Superman.


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